Using a careful planning process, Kurtz McKinnon Creative LLC will work with your workplace or organization leadership to create and facilitate a series of team-building workshops to help your staff team thrive.  Whether a one-hour session or a full retreat, investing in staff training will provide invaluable returns in employee engagement and effectiveness.

Common goals and outcomes for group workshops include:

  • Improve team cooperation and teamwork
  • Promote self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses among group members
  • Help staff build positive working relationships
  • Improve communication skills
  • Boost confidence in teamwork experiences
  • Prepare for an upcoming challenge

Sometimes, staff team building days are stereotyped as cheesy and ineffective--basically something that Michael Scott would haphazardly plan in an episode of The Office.  I admit--they can go like that.  However, my planning process and contemporary exercises ensure that time spent during your team's retreat or event will be well spent.  I am realistic about the backgrounds, goals and credentials of my audiences, and strive to ensure that every team member who participates in one of my programs benefits from it.

"I recently got the chance to invite Sarah to come run some teambuilding and leadership exercises with some 2nd Class (college juniors) Air Force ROTC cadets at the University of Michigan.  In my opinion Sarah demonstrated amazing relatability and leadership know-how. She created situations, and activities that broke down communication barriers and aided in the strengthening of the cadets’ (and my own) critical thinking skills.  Having participated in many teambuilding and leadership workshops in my career, I can tell you Sarah is the most engaging, and fun professional I’ve had the pleasure of working with in this setting, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to strengthen the team culture in their organization."

- David McMahon, Captain, USAF

Assistant Professor of Air Force Officer Education Program, University of Michigan