Camp directors have to be many things: a facility expert, a marketing whiz, a social worker, a budget manger, an emergency responder, a storyteller, a fundraiser, a friend.  All of us are stronger in some areas than others.  This is where staff members, volunteers and consultants come in to the picture.  Sarah Kurtz McKinnon offers a myriad of services to help you as a busy camp leaders assess your current practices and procedures as well as improve them.  All of us have the same number of hours in a day.   Delegating some of the thorns in your side to Kurtz McKinnon Creative LLC will enable you to focus on the the things that matter most to you as a camp leader.

Camp Consultation Offerings - During the Season

Camp Review - A 1-2 day full visit of your camp while in session with a complete multi-topic written report analyzing your camp program.  Sarah will have conversations with staff members, camp leadership and campers to see the strengths and weaknesses of your program and offer tangible recommendations to tweak and improve your camp.  As camp directors, we often start to overlook certain things as they blend into all of the other things that take our focus away at camp--having an outside expert eye can be enlightening (proof here: the Selective Attention Test)

Camp Facility Review - Full walk-through of your camp with Sarah and Robert McKinnon (licensed builder with 8 years' camp experience); full written report with recommendations.  How can we make our facility safer?  More camper-friendly?  Easier to clean and easier to maintain?  There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to a camp facility--one of the most unique facilities there is.  And making sure that your facility is in tip-top shape and also smartly designed will save you heaps of time and energy in the long run. 

Risk Management Review - Where are the holes in your camp program?  Where are you putting your campers, staff and yourself at risk?  Sometimes it takes an outside eye to see potential disasters.  This is also a great practice visit before ACA or state inspections.

Camp Consultation Offerings - Anytime

Social Media Review - Not getting as many "likes" as you would like?  Try this complete analysis of social media content with personalized educational session to amp up social media content and plan.  This review will help you analyze posts, generate new and plentiful ideas for additional content as well as develop a strong and distinct voice for your camp on social media platforms.

American Camp Association (ACA) Accreditation/State Licensing Consultation - These visits can be overwhelming, especially when starting from scratch.  Sarah can help you learn how to best organize your files, put appropriate policies and procedures into place and be confident on the day-of visit.  Don't re-invent the wheel!  Learn about best practices for inspections and visits from someone who has done it in the past!

Proofreading and Ghostwriting of Camp Materials - Campers and parents now expect knowledge at their fingertips.  It can be overwhelming to add composition of camp materials to your agenda, but not enough to hire a full-time staff member to take care of these items.  With a bachelor's of science in journalism from Northwestern University, Sarah can efficiently help you streamline your written camp materials.  Let's create parent planners, applications, speeches, fundraising appeals, blogs and newsletters that are informative, captivating and easy-to-read.

Camp Program Development - Having trouble retaining campers?  Wondering if there is a way that you could develop a more progressive activity plan?  Evening program got you down?  These consultations are by-the-hour brainstorms where we go over your program and think of strategies to employ to make them better.  Think of this as an individualized workshop with immediate results.