Camp Leadership Team Retreats and Workshops

As camp professionals, we spend so much time getting everyone else trained and ready to go that we often forget about our own development as a leadership team. 

These off-season retreat sessions are tailored to your team's needs to help you become more effective as a group, efficient in your work and give you a fresh start to tackle your goals and aspirations. 

Sample Exercises Include:

  • Our Job Descriptions: Expectations vs. Reality
  • Time Management
  • Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • "The Five Whys": A Problem-Solving Exercise
  • Confidence in Negotiations

"Thanks so much for the great facilitation of our staff retreat last week. It was just what everyone needed to get jump started on planning for an amazing Summer 2017.  You have such a great way of helping people to see what may be right in front of them that they didn't realize.  The flow of the day, the fun activities, and the brain starters were all amazing and very well presented." - Lorrie Syverson, Director of Camping, Education and Retreats at the Sherman Lake YMCA